Updated: Jun 5, 2019

When someone you love is hurt, you hurt with them and for them.

How do you feel about someone who hurts someone you love?

Want to put God’s love for you and me in perspective?

He loves us. He loves His Son. When we sin, we hurt ourselves and we hurt His Son yet.....He still loves us.

God is not some cosmic killjoy who is trying to keep you and me from having fun.

He created us. He loves us. He knows us inside and out.

He has told us how to live the abundant life.

He knows better than we do ourselves all the physical and psychological ways we hurt ourselves when we violate and adulterate what He set up for us for our good.

There are reasons why there are boundaries, why there are limits on what we can and can’t do and still live the life He created us to live.


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