Updated: Jan 4, 2020

What is the “it” we don’t get”? Well, there are several.

And the “we”? The “we” are the millions of our siblings who, for a multitude of reasons, have never come to understand….

...the utter impossibility of us ever being what God desires us to be without His help;

...that we will never find the rest He promises us in Matthew 11:28 until we first learn the utter impossibility of our being anything like Jesus solely out of our own resources;

...that we cannot alone produce from our own nature anything that is acceptable to God;

…“Christ in us, the hope of Glory?” That there is nothing that can come to God, nothing that truly glorifies God that is not from Christ who is in us;

...that God does not anoint US, He anoints Christ in us. God cannot and will not conform us to the image of Christ if Christ is not in us.

Yet, the greatest tragedy since the creation of the world...and still millions upon millions just...don’t...get it.

What is “IT”?

“God loved us all so much that while we were yet

His enemies, He sent His only Son to Earth to suffer

and die for us so that whoever believes in Him, will

live forever.” (Romans 4:8 & John 3:16)


P.S. O, precious soul, if you are one of those millions, find someone who you believe does “get it”, and talk to them...today!

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