Updated: Sep 19, 2020

There are words and phrases with which we are so familiar, that familiarity has, for many, diminished their significance.

One such phrase is in Psalm 23:

“HE restoreth my Soul”

“Restoration” is an interesting word. The object of any “restoration” is something that is no longer as it was when it was created. It has been damaged or corrupted and the “restorer’s” objective is to restore it to its original state or condition.

Our souls have fallen into disrepair. For some, it is due to neglect, for others, the cares and lusts of the world have inflicted their damage. There are as many reasons as souls.

“HE restoreth my Soul”, clearly lets me know that my soul is in need of being restored.

But it also tells me that only JESUS is qualified to do it. Why? Because HE created it and thus is the only one who can know how it is supposed to look when the restoration is complete.


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