Updated: Jun 22, 2021

For most real estate brokers, keys are the bane of their existence. They certainly were for me until the industry came up with what they call Multi-lock boxes.

To make their completed but unsold houses easy to show, a few builders would give Master Keys to certain Brokers who had earned that particular builder’s trust.

There IS a MASTER BUILDER, and HE has given a Master Key to all HE has built….to those who ask HIM.

And this key?

This key is a flower, the fairest of all flowers

Dear soul, are you carrying this flower with you? Or are you trusting in that most dishonest of all locksmiths to come to your aid with a key that fails you in the end?

By the thousands, the spirits of men are assembled before the heavenly gates. Each one is carrying a flower but it is one that HE thinks is the fairest in the garden.

Many are carrying the flowers of good works, others the hemlock of self-righteousness.

But these are not acceptable to the KING. In fact, HE is repulsed by them. They are all refused entrance.

Dear friend, when we arrive at the Gates of Heaven we will know the value of this fairest of all flowers. He who guards the gate need only see this flower, and the gates will be opened wide for us without a moment’s delay.

And with this flower, we will be guided to the throne of GOD HIMSELF, for heaven itself possesses nothing that excels such radiant Beauty. In fact, of all the flowers that bloom in Paradise, none of them can rival….The Rose of Sharon.

Dear friend, if you haven’t already, GO….NOW….into HIS garden and in faith take into your Soul this blood-red flower.

By communion preserve it, by daily watchfulness make it your all and all, and you will be blessed beyond all you can imagine.



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