Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Is what you are seeing being more influenced by what you are thinking or is what you are thinking being more influenced by what you are seeing?

Not long ago I was contemplating buying another automobile and was considering an SUV.

All of a sudden, I started seeing SUV’s everywhere. I had not realized how popular they had become.

Before I began thinking about SUV’s, I really had not noticed them in any special way….they were just another vehicle on the road. What I was thinking was influencing what I was seeing.

One of the many reasons my beloved wife is the joy and treasure of my life is how she helped me to begin seeing GOD….everywhere.

It began with sunsets. Then there were some peonies in our back yard that were blooming outrageously. In the fall it was the gorgeous sugar maples that were turning. Soon I was seeing GOD everywhere and in everything, even in SUV’s.

GOD was in the ore for the steel, the rubber for the tires, HE created the person who designed it, the people who built it, the chemicals for the color it was painted, the oil from which its fuel was made and on and on and on.

The more of GOD I saw in things, the more my thoughts turned to HIM.

There was my answer. What I was seeing was influencing what I was thinking and the better I got to know HIM, what I was thinking influenced what I was seeing.

OH! REALLY? Hmm...

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