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“Show me a miracle, and then I will believe.”

No offense, but no, you won’t.

In the first century, thousands of people watched JESUS CHRIST himself perform numerous miracles....far too many to include in this piece, and yet only a small number believed in HIM.

No, GOD understands the fragility of a blind faith and that we need a reason to believe.

But even if we have what any rational person would consider a reason to believe, and regardless of how powerful or undeniable a reason it might be, many of us will still not believe.

We humans believe we are rational beings, and in one sense we are. Yet we tend more to irrationality. That’s when what we want to believe conflicts with what the evidence says we should believe.

Albert Einstein wanted to believe the universe was static and eternal. But his Theory of Relativity indicated that it was created. This vexed him greatly. He searched in vain for an error in his own research and had to reluctantly accept the fact that his Theory of Relativity proved that the universe was not cosmologically constant but had been created.

Yet, even with this evidence, Einstein could not bring himself to believe in a Creator GOD. Why? Because he did not want to.

No, it will take more than a miracle, at least the kind to which you are probably referring.

When we want to believe something or in someone, we will pile up reason after reason why we should.

When we do not want to believe something or in someone, we will pile up reason after reason to support why we cannot.

When this happens, we have decided that we are just going to be our own god. It’s self-love on steroids.

You will only believe in GOD, in HIS Son JESUS CHRIST, and in the truth and power of the HOLY SPIRIT, when and only when you decide you want to.

By HIS grace, you will come to accept the truth that GOD IS GOD, and you are not.

And you will come to see that this GOD loves you more than you love yourself and that HE wants only the best for you in this life and for eternity....

It is then that you will want to believe and you will see this as the greatest miracle of all.

OH! REALLY? Hmm...

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