Updated: Apr 25

Do you carry a spare tire in your car? Do you keep an extra few day’s food in the freezer? Do you have a 401K or do you make systematic deposits into a savings account?

In the current Coronavirus nightmare, have you started wearing a mask and surgical gloves? Do you slather your hands with sanitizer and wash your hands several times a day?

If you, like me, answered yes to any or even most of the above questions, why do we do those things?

If someone were to ask you, “of the following two choices, which is the most important to you….your body or your soul?” How would you answer that?

After you have coldly looked them in the eye and said: “None of your business”, what would your answer be….to yourself?

Of the precautionary measures we take in life, how many are in the interest of our bodies and how many are in the interest of our souls?

For those of us who believe we ARE going to live forever….somewhere…., and knowing that there are only going to be two choices, isn’t our answer to that important?

Just a thought.

OH! REALLY? Hmm...

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