Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Legend has it that one of the richest men in the world was once asked, “how much money would you need to feel like you had enough?” His answer was, “just a little more”.

Is that how I would have answered that question? I want to say, “No”! But I have to admit that a “yes” more accurately reflectS the way I really live? I had “much”, but I wanted “more”.

One of the most sobering questions I have ever been challenged to consider is, “what is the basis, the driving force of your life?”

I had to think. Is it my family, my ability to make a living and provide for my family? Is it all that I had accumulated, my reputation, the business I had built? Is it to have “much more” than I have?

Yes sadly, it was. Until. Until, by the grace of God a friend loved me enough to help me understand and see the flaw in my thinking.

All those things I believed were the “basis of my life”, they were all things that I could lose, that could be taken from me.

He helped me see a completely different “much more”, one that could never be taken from me.

Now, the basis, the driving force in my life is my relationship with my Creator, through His Son, Jesus Christ, and in the power of the Holy Spirit.

When your “much” and your “more” are both HIM, that is how HE intended it to be.



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