Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Isn’t it amazing what we are willing to believe and at the same time what we are UNwilling to believe?

We will risk sitting down in a restaurant and eating a meal that has been prepared by a complete stranger.

We will walk into a clinic and risk allowing a complete stranger to give us a shot of a substance that we believe will keep us from getting the flu.

We will risk our safety and that of our family by putting our car into the hands of someone we don’t know and have never met to service it and then leave on a long trip fully confident the vehicle will perform as it should.

Some of us will risk large amounts of our money to someone we hardly know in hopes they will manage it wisely for us.

We will trust someone we may have met only once, and that briefly, to cut open our chest and operate on our heart.

And yet, we seem unwilling to risk believing in and trusting someone, who loves us so much HE was willing to die for us, that we might live; who became poor that we might become rich; who gave up everything that we might have all.

We are unwilling to believe the words of a book, the primary substance of which has been preserved in its original form for millennia for one purpose, and that is so we can come to know this someone.

Why is it so? What are we risking?

Is the 'risk' the prospect of having to give up my right to myself?

Is the 'risk' having to turn over control of my life and having to be in submission to a power I can’t fully know and understand?

Oh, that it were so.

No, the 'risk' is a bit more serious.

In the Gospel of John, chapter 11, verses 25 & 26, we have these words from JESUS:

"i am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me

though he may die (a physical death), yet his spirit shall

live. Whoever lives and believes in ME shall never die."

Yes, our bodies will die, but our spirits are going to live forever.

But, where will that be? There are really only two possible destinations.

Oops! No, there's the 'risk'.


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