H--- YES! or H--- NO!

Updated: Jun 19

Sadly In today's culture and vernacular, there is an almost incomprehensibly wide range of responses to God's call to obedience. (:-J)

They are “H--- Yes! or “H--- No!

Now before condemingly slapping the profanity tag on this writer’s use of the word “H---”, it might be good to note that in the New Kings James Version of the Holy Scriptures, the word “H---” is used 35 times.

Human beings have two natures; a divine (or spiritual) nature and a physical (or fleshly) nature. Until such time as we have allowed the divine nature in us to prevail, as is referenced in 2 Peter 1:4, we don’t like to be told what to do. Period!

In our willingness or failure to obey God’s commands, there is a devilish irony in our “H--- No!” and “H--- Yes!” responses.

If my response to God’s commands is “H--- No!” then I am saying “H--- YES” to H---.

And if my response to God’s commands is “H--- YES!” then I am saying “H--- NO” to H---.


P.S. (And we wonder if God has a sense of humor.)

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