Updated: Mar 15, 2020

Michael got on the bus and even before he sat down, he remembered he had left his track shoes on the washer and dryer. He had a meet that afternoon. What to do? Should he call his Mom? No, he thought. Not to worry. She will see them. She knows I am going to need them. She’ll bring them.

He smiled and relaxed. She did.

Martha Etterly had a doctor’s appointment at 2:00PM. Her husband was out of town but due back at 12:30. She began to be concerned. Would he be back in time to take her? Then all of a sudden she relaxed and smiled. He knows. He never forgot.

He didn’t this time. She got to her appointment on time.

Jimmy Eads was in the concrete business. He and his crew had framed up a job and it was ready for the mix. The previous week He had called his supplier, Tom, and scheduled it to be delivered tomorrow. It had been raining for a week and tomorrow was the only day it was supposed to be clear for another week. He tensed up and started to be concerned. If we don’t get the mix tomorrow, we won’t be able to finish this job for another week or more. Would it show up? All of a sudden he relaxed and smiled. He knows.

Tom had never failed him. It arrived on time.

Yes. These are simple examples. But they reflect how Jesus lived while here on earth. He knew His Father knew everything about Him. There is no evidence He worried about or feared anything. He knew that whatever circumstances He found Himself in, no matter what, His Father had His back. He lived confidently in that space between now and whatever....in that "He Knows" space.

That is precisely how He wants you and me to live...confidently...in the space between now and whatever. While He knows what we need even before we ask. (Matthew 6:8), He does want us to ask.

That is what His admonitions are all about in the Sermon On The Mount in Matthew Chapter 6, verses 25-34. (Take a moment and read it.)

Don’t worry. Don’t fear. Because no matter what, HE KNOWS! HE HAS OUR BACK.



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