Updated: Nov 16, 2019

Have you ever thought, how many times a day you ask yourself the “compared to what?” question?

Why, virtually every decision we make is prefaced by it.

This car vs. that car. This vacation vs. that vacation. This job vs. that job. This house vs. that house. This (blank) vs. that (blank), etc., etc., etc.

Have you noticed that just about every single thing we end up choosing to put in one of those blanks is fleeting, is temporary?

How about our beliefs? It’s true. Every belief we hold has, in one way or another, been put to the “compared to what” test.

What about your quality of life, or even “life itself?”. When was the last time you gave it the “compared to what?” test?

To what did you compare it?

You know you only have two choices.


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